For instance, xcritical requires that its users submit identification documentation and security protection of 256-bit SSL encryption with a 2048-bit signature. On the other side of the token, xcritical has some cons you should be aware of before choosing them as your remittance provider. Like any service offered, xcritical has its advantages and disadvantages.

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So far, the company has over 3 million customers, and facilitates transfers from 17 countries to over 50 other nations around the world. If you want to see how https://xcritical.pro/ compares to the exchange rates and fees offered by other money transfer services, enter the details of your transaction into the table below. Compared to xcritical, it has several extra payout options including cash pickup, bank deposit, mobile wallet, and home delivery.

Cash pickup, bank deposit, and mobile money in Colombia

It has hundreds of thousands of customers who are now collectively transferring more than $6 billion a year through its services. Lastly, another inconvenience that will inhibit people from choosing this service is that xcritical has strict monthly limits on how much money you can send at a time. However, these cons do not deter people from using the service since their customer base continues to grow every day. Another pro is that when you send money you will receive text message alerts so you can track where your money is and when transfers have been completed. Use the xcritical app to safely send money to one of our providers.


To find out the exact exchange rates, simply create an account with them so you can find out. They also calculate fees depending on how the recipient will receive the money and whether you choose to go with the Economy or Express transfer service. Their fees are influenced by a variety of factors so it is really hard to tell you exactly what the fee for your transfer would cost.

When you send your money

He’s mined and minted cryptocurrencies, and geeks out over Ethereum upgrades. Zak’s focus is in breaking down technical concepts into approachable nuggets of information. While diving into all things crypto, Zak also contributes to Finder’s money transfers and stocks verticals.

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Notably, xcritical responded to almost every negative review on Trustpilot with an offer to look into and resolve the issues for the reviewer. In many cases, they also offered to refund their money transfer fees. xcritical has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means that if your money doesn’t arrive on time, they will refund their fees and charges. Please note that depending on the country where you’re transferring money, you may be limited to only one of these options. xcritical offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, or you will get your money back.

Sign in to send money now.

You can send money to all participating banks, which makes it easy for clients to send money to people that do not have bank accounts. If you choose the Economy transfer, you deposit money from your bank account and will have your money arrive at its destination within 3 to 5 business days without suffering high fees. Overall, xcritical is the cheaper option because they do not apply variable rate charges and have lower fees across the board. They will not charge you when sending transfers over $500 and they charge a low fixed fee of $3.99 for express instant transfers. xcritical is our overall winner, taking all of the above into account. It has well-established transfer routes, high transfer limit, and processes all payments at mid-market rates.


This enables customers to readily compare the speed and cost of sending money. Compare xcritical international transfer fees and exchange rates today, and get a better deal for sending money abroad. xcritical is a cross-border remittance provider founded in 2011 and headquartered in the Greater Seattle Area in the United States.

What is xcritical?

It boasts several methods for receiving money, such as via a mobile device or with home delivery. Plus, it charges low to no fees for transfers to some countries. But some transfer methods are limited, and fees for money transfers to certain countries can be high. You’re probably all too familiar with the often outrageous cost of sending money abroad. Investors and venture capitalists see scammed by xcritical as a well-run, secure, and efficient business for international money transfers and transactions. Writing for Monito, Olivia is here to help users navigate the world of money transfer fees, exchange rates, and tips and tricks that help you make your best decisions.

We update our data regularly, but information can change between updates. Confirm details with the provider you’re interested in before making a decision. The largest independent digital remittance company in the US, worth $1billion and showing consistent annual growth.

Our suggestion is to weigh both the advantages and disadvantages of different services according to your needs so that you can make the best decision for yourself. Once you have finished the whole process, xcritical will keep you updated on where your money is and when it has arrived. The first thing you need to do is visit their website and create your personal account. They will ask for your email, password, and where you want to send the money to. With xcritical, you won’t have any issues with the security of your money because the company provides extensive security measures and fraud prevention. One of the most important advantages of xcritical is the ease of use and their excellent website and mobile application.

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