You can do a variety of account activities like check your investments, make trades, and withdraw or transfer between accounts. International equities have a commission of 1% of the trade value with a minimum of $195. One major advantage of using Questrade is the low cost of fees and commissions. Questrade doesn’t charge an annual account fee, and they recently eliminated inactivity fees. Questrade offers fully managed accounts for investors who prefer to have a more hands-off approach. These Questwealth Portfolios contain exchange-traded funds .


A currency converter is a tool that allows you to quickly and easily convert between different foreign currencies. To use a currency converter, you will first need to select the two currencies that you want to convert between. Once you have done this, you will need to enter the amount of money that you want to convert. The calculator will then show you the equivalent amount in the other currency.

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For example, because ETF purchases are free, you can open a TFSA and create an ETF portfolio for $0! If you have to sell an ETF it will cost you $0.01 / share with a minimum fee of $4.95 per trade to a maximum of $9.95. This is important to keep in mind when rebalancing your portfolio.

They’ll send you a CAD or USD cheque as long as its less than $25k. Excellent rates and very easy to exchange currency once you have your accounts linked up. Make informed decisions with the help of free, real-time market data. No need to sign up for a plan- it’s included in the platform.


The Privacy Policy states in plain language that they do not sell information to third parties. The Security Guarantee notes that encryption protocols are in place to ensure your data is safe. In any event, Questrade promises to reimburse 100% of a direct loss for an unauthorized transaction in your account that occurs as a result of a breach on their systems. As of October 1, 2020, Questrade’s quarterly inactivity fee has been discontinued.

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There is only so much real estate you have to work with on a mobile screen, and Questrade makes the most of it. Things like transferring funds, exercising an option or viewing an account statement are only a few clicks away. Installation is extremely easy, simply head to your Questrade account and select the accounts dropdown menu and click “other platforms”. If you are looking for a simple platform for “set and forget” style investing, Questrade’s browser based platform is the one you’ll want. I found their browser platform inferior to a brokerage like Qtrade, however it is still extremely simple to use. Keep in mind, these three platforms all provide unique experiences and are suited for different types of investors.

On Questrade, they have several reviews and blog posts, but they are largely worthless. They have a lot of different instruments and focus heavily on providing an extensive Forex experience. The looks can be deceiving, and the reviews aren’t the only indicator of legitimacy.

  • Other investors prefer to leave the buying and selling decisions to a team of experts.
  • You can do 1% to 2% better using the banks’ online brokerages.
  • Some services, like Wise, have accounts where you can store, transfer, and receive currencies from different countries.
  • Some banks require you to be a client in order to use the bank’s currency exchange services.

To get started, you’ll need your SIN and driver’s licence. Depending on the account, you may be required to provide other documents. Questrade, Inc. accounts are protected by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund, to the extent of specified limits. A brochure describing the nature and limits of this coverage is available on request. Even though with the evolution of Google it is quite easy to access this informationoutsideof Questrade, using their Market Intelligence area is definitely easier. Fast-forward years later, I think they have the best mobile platform in the industry.

Questrade allows users to hold both CAD and USD in their non-registered and registered accounts. This means that you can hold USD in your RRSPs and TFSAs as cash, and use it to purchase U.S. stocks. This means that you only have to pay the currency exchange fee when you run out of the proper currency. If you have enough USD in your account when buying a U.S. security, you will not be charged a currency exchange fee. They thus allow investors in Canada to trade online independently.

Questrade Advantage has a fixed option and a variable option. The fixed option is a good choice for investors who make high-volume share and options trades. When you are traveling abroad and in need of quick cash, there are other methods of exchanging currency. These methods typically have higher exchange rates, so you should only use them if needed. Metatrader 4 is one of the most popular forex trading platform around the world. There is still lots of room for improvement – if you’re trying to do any sort of advanced or even basic trading, the mobile app probably isn’t for you.

Questrade’s mobile platform

Western Union is a financial services company that specializes in letting users transfer money internationally. They are not a bank, but their foreign exchange services are similar to the ones offered by the major banks. Western Union’s exchange rates are usually better than the banks, but there may be fees that can make certain transfers more expensive. Western Union mainly acts as an intermediary and they do not perform the functions of a conventional bank. However, they have many locations where you can receive payments in cash. You also do not need to open a bank account to exchange currencies.


Increase your buying power by linking your margin account to your TFSA assets. Margin power, a brand new service, exclusive to Questrade. Enter the global markets and speculate on the price movement of currencies, commodities, global stocks and indices with low commissions & full transparency. But as my investment account continued to grow, I realized with the amount of money in my account it was a huge positive.

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This means that you might be paying slightly more on foreign purchases with a Visa credit card. One way to see this in action is to look at historical exchange rates published by Visa and Mastercard. These are the rates that would apply to your transaction.

This company will gladly take your…

However, if you spend more than $48.95 in commissions, Questrade will refund you $19.95. If you spend more than $399.95 in trading commissions, you’ll get your full monthly fee back as a rebate. You’ll be able to decide if a Questrade account is the right fit for your investment strategy. Since these exchanges operate online, you won’t be able to visit a physical location to pick up cash or exchange currencies through an ATM.

There are no ongoing account fees with Questrade and there are no inactivity fees. Find out about the best insurance plans, mortgages, and banking services. You can create an unlimited number of workspaces, which is valuable for active traders. A workspace is a screen area that lets you open and customize a set of gadgets for a particular purpose. The platform gives you the essential trading information you need, like quotes, charts, trading, watch lists, and account management.

It is a member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada and also the Canadian Savings Protection Fund . The broker been recognized as one of the best forex brokers in Canada since 2011. The best feature Questrade offers here is its 30-day risk-free practice account, where investors get $100,000 CAD in virtual cash to try their hand at trading forex and CFDs. When you’re ready to move from a practice account to the real deal, simply open either an Individual Forex & CFD account or a Joint Forex & CFD account. When it comes to DIY online investing, Questrade offers very competitive pricing and beats out the competition in many areas. Compared to other discount brokerages, Questrade wins out as the lowest-cost option for DIY investors.

Questrade is still, by far, the more robust trading platform. In this Questrade review we’ll cover what Questrade is and its features and fees. Next, we’ll go over the platforms and tools available from Questrade. Third, we’ll look into how Questrade compares to other online brokerages. We’ll finish off with a beginners guide to getting started with Questrade; from signing up for and account, funding and buying investments to rebalancing your portfolio. Online currency exchanges are not banks or financial institutions.

One thing to keep in mind is to avoid using DRIPs in taxable accounts as recommended here by Dan Bortolotti from Canadian Couch Potato. Questrade offers a Dividend Reinvestment Plan that allows you to reinvest dividends into the stock or ETF questrade forex that paid those dividends. This simple fee structure makes it easy to calculate the cost of investing and keep your cost low especially if you are index or passive investing. Below is a list of the Questrade trading products and their fees.

The list below shows the currency conversion fees for popular trading and investment brokerages in Canada. OFX is an Australian-based company that supports 50 currencies. Only electronic bank transfers can be used as payments, which differs from other online currency converters which accept credit cards. Similar to, you can lock-in a currency exchange rate for up to 12 months.

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